We have ultrasonic sieved powdered pigments, additives, prediluted and converted to liquid. (This system helps to avoid pigment scratching when applying microcement).

Extreme quality, resistant to ultraviolet and alkalinity.

Pigments for both interior and exterior.

Each container of pigment contains a certain weight, it is designed for each cube of microcement, whether fine or thick, bi-component or single-component, including the range of self-leveling microcement.

Despite representing the best-selling range here, we can manufacture any color from the ral or ncs chart to suit the customer.


MICROCEMENT PIGMENTS There are 2 products.


Blanco Gris 20% Gris 40% Gris 60% Gris 80% Verde Oliva             Beige narciso Marron Egipcio Naranja Fuerte Ladrillo Marron Tierra Chocolate Crema de Mani Camel Caramelo             Beige...