ECOLANIC is a manufacturer company specialises in the wholesale supply of cement products.

ECOLANIC, With over 30 years of experience manufacturing decorative mortars and monocouche, is specialised ind adhesives and sealants ( grouting)  for all types of ceramic tiles, stoneware tiles, porcelain tiles, glass mosaics, natural stone, and marble.

We also supply decorative cladding and linings for façades and interiors such as single-layer mortars, high-performance mortars, Venetian stucco, stone cladding, plastic cladding, etc. 

Our services to the construction sector are further enhanced by our specialised installation service for all types of exterior cladding applications, both for new buildings and refurbishment work. Working only with highly expert personnel and the latest techniques in the field, we are particularly specialised in the installation of thermally insulated ventilated façades and thermal-acoustic insulation systems (rock wool – fibreglass) for façades with an air cavity.”Aislite”


ECOLANIC products , agree with European Standard for adhesives (prEN 12004) and sealants (prEN 13888 ) for ceramic tiles, natural stone, and agglomerated stone.  The Mortars and monococouche products are equally acknowledged by TAG - Technical Approval Guidelines - certified by the Eduardo Torroja Institute.

In addition, all products of ECOLANIC have the CE mark  for construction products articulated through Directive 89/106/EEC, for the marketing of such materials in all countries of the European Union.

Thanks to the extraordinary and contrasting quality of their products and the excellence of the service provided, has become an essential reference in the world of construction.
The experience, both in sales materials, as in the application of the same, we will become a leader in the sector with a high capacity for advice. 
To that end we offer all professionals in the world of construction, the phone of Customer Service  +34 961 22 93 65 , where they answer any questions or suggestions concerning applications, solutions, products, etc..,

PRODUCT QUALITY, INNOVATION AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT, are the pillars upon which ECOLANIC stake in the future to conquer new markets and increasingly more competitive