Flexible Tile Gel-Adhesive GLOBAL FIX - C2TE
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  • Flexible Tile Gel-Adhesive GLOBAL FIX - C2TE
  • Flexible Tile Gel-Adhesive GLOBAL FIX - C2TE
  • Flexible Tile Gel-Adhesive GLOBAL FIX - C2TE

Flexible Tile Gel-Adhesive GLOBAL FIX - C2TE

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Flexible tile Gel-adhesive for "all types" of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics, etc... Suitable for gypsum or anhydrite substrates, plasterboard, cementitious mortars, existing ceramics, etc... Indoors and outdoors. Suitable for swimming pools and facades. Class C2TE

Format: 25kg

Color: White

Data sheet

White powder
± 22% (±5.5 l bag of 25 kg)
± 1.3 kg /dm3
± 40 min
Application Temperature
Between +5 and +30ºC
± 24 h
3,5 kg/m2
25kg Bag // 1400kg Palet
1 year in closed bag and dry place

GLOBALFIX is a single-component, flexible, powder gel-adhesive with increased open time and zero vertical slip, designed for bonding all types of ceramic and glass mosaic tiles. Particularly suitable for bonding of: Stoneware - Porcelain stoneware - Vitreous mosaic - Porous coverings - Fired clay - Natural and artificial stone - Tile on tile. In flooring, cladding (interior and exterior). 

Substrates: cement slabs, screeds and plaster, cured concrete screeds, vibrated or bush-hammered cement, cellular concrete, brick or natural stone walls, radiant slabs and floors, existing floors in glazed ceramic, porcelain stoneware, terrazzo and natural stone, substrates located in industrial premises or subject to heavy traffic (shopping centres) and cork, expanded polyurethane and plasterboard panels (dust-free) provided they are solidly fixed.

-Laying of new paving over existing paving.

-Suitable for floors subject to heavy traffic.

-Suitable for radiant heating floors and swimming pools.

-For gluing all types of ceramic tiles, stoneware, porcelain stoneware, natural and artificial stone, granite, marble and vitreous mosaic.

-Suitable for gypsum or anhydrite substrates.

-Avoids having to dampen pieces or substrates thanks to its water retention power.

-High open time, it allows the rectification of pieces.


- Respect the mixing water

- On walls, the weight of the pieces must not be ≥40 kg/m².

- Always double glue on exteriors, on old tiles and for the installation of large format and/or heavy tiles.

- On façades, with large format pieces (>60x40 cm) or weight greater than 40 kg/m2, safety staples (GR) or mechanical anchors must be used - Do not apply on wooden substrates, metallic surfaces or PVC.

- Do not apply below 5ºC and do not apply above 30ºC.

- Do not apply when there is a risk of frost, rain, strong winds or direct sunlight.

- Never apply with the technique known as "spot application".

- Do not apply in areas where there is danger of stagnant water. 

- On Heated Floors, heating must be interrupted during application and for the following seven days.

- Temperatures, ventilation, substrate absorption and coating materials may vary the workability and setting times of the adhesive.

- In extreme weather conditions (high wind or high temperatures), faster drying than normal occurs.

- It is recommended to leave a free perimeter expansion joint between the floor and the wall or pillar, hidden by the skirting board, of approximately 5 mm.

- The pool can be filled 7 days after application of the adhesive. The watertightness of the pool must be ensured by the construction of the pool shell (MR NOWA).

- In applications on plasterboard partition walls, check that the substrate is well fixed to prevent movement.

- The anhydrite screeds must be perfectly dry (maximum residual humidity 0.5%), sufficiently hard and free of dust or surface laitance, in the latter case, it must be removed by sanding.

- On ceramic floorings (overlaps), remove badly adhered pieces and fill the gaps with mortar the day before applying the product. Make sure that the old ceramic is free of grease or wax residues. If necessary, proceed to mill the glazed surface until the old ceramic has lost its shine. In case of doubt, carry out a preliminary test to establish the suitability of the solution provided.

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